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General Rules
« on: March 07, 2020, 10:26:55 pm »
By registering and playing Perfect World Legacy, players agree and adhere to the following rules. Inability to comprehend or ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

1. All players must respect others at all times. Players may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. Clear screen shots or video recording will be required if not witnessed by a GM. Players may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.)

2. Players may not spam, flood, curse, use derogatory, racial or use vulgar language in world or local chat. Players may be muted or banned according to the severity without warning. If the players name is considered to be derogatory, racial or contains vulgar language the character will be banned and forced to remake the character and any items contained will be lost. Player’s names must not be made so other players/GM's are unable to send players messages like spacebars or be blocked like "***" and not contain special characters that do not exist on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

3. If a player makes a faction or character with a name that is condescending to any faction, specific player or GM the GM may take action without a warning. In the event the main character cannot be determined it will result in an account ban.

4. Impersonating in chat or creating any character with a name which cannot be distinguished readily from any GM's character will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent account ban of the player.
Copying the character name of other players is allowed as long as it is not used for scamming/impersonating. Screenshots and/or video recording are required to report players and may result in a ban of the character or the account if the player continues on an alt character.

5. Use of a third party program ( esp fly hack ) or botting will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent account ban of all players accounts.

6. Any form of in game hacks, errors or taking advantage of in game bugs and exploits must be reported to a GM. The GM may take action depending on the severity of the offence.

7. Any player involved in real money trading, selling in game currency or items for real life money will not be tolerated. If proven, all sellers and buyers accounts will be permanently banned.

8. Account sharing is allowed, but GM’s are not responsible if players get scammed/hacked/banned and lost items will not be replaced. If any offenses occur with any players account, no leniency shall be given and rules and any offenses committed will be considered the players responsibility.

9. Calling, harassing or constant pm's to any GM when no problem has occurred or false reports will be considered harassment.

10. False accusations ( accusations without documented proof ) about players or GM's will be considered harassment.

11. GM's are not responsible for returning items lost or dropped during pvp or pk'ing, traded without checking or sold to NPC's. This includes any and all events.

12. NO Kill stealing during events unless specified differently BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS by the GM hosting the event. If not witnessed by a GM clear video recording will be required.

13. PVPing/Pking during custom events is not allowed unless the GM specifies.

14. Running multiple accounts or clients is allowed. Since server is not yet populated, some players need to do some PvE’s while still waiting for someone to tag along. Please note that as soon as player based increases, it will also decrease the use of alts. Administration will then set the limit on how many alts can be used.

15. Perfect World Legacy has an English only speaking policy. Only English is allowed in World Chat. Local chat, guild chat and whispers players may use whatever language players want just as long as players adhere to the other rules. Exception can be guild invitation or random shout as long as it not become non-english conversation in WC.

16. It is NOT allowed to use big pets in territory war (TW) or PKing (PKs) to hide in them. This does not include Werefox / Venomancer pets that players can kill.

17. Obey the GM's and Staff members at all times. If you choose to appeal any staff member’s actions DO NOT post it on the forums, world chat or normal chat. All appeals must be sent to the administrator via email at Displaying any issues for public appeal will not be tolerated.

18. Threats to any person, player, staff, relatives, friends or any relations will not be tolerated.

19. GM’s WILL NEVER ask for any players account, passwords or any personal or in game information.

NOTE: Players that continue to break the rules blatantly, deliberately or repeats any offense may not be warned before the next action is taken.


Forum rules and guidelines:

To make everyone's forum experience as pleasant as possible, all members are required to obey these rules:

1. Obey Staff at All Times.
2. Respect other players and staff.
3. Do not spam any chats (unless it is in the spam section of the forums.)
4. No double posting: Use the edit function if players need to change something in players post.
5. Do not start a new thread in a forum if an active thread already exists on the topic.
6. Do not post, or directly link to, adult content, pornography, or other inappropriate content.
7. No adult content/sexual avatars


PM rules and guidelines:

Sending Personal Messages (PMs) can be a great way to communicate with other people.

The following guidelines have been drafted to prevent misuse:

1. Do not use the PM system to insult, intimidate, or otherwise harass other players or staff.

2. Do not threaten other members or staff.

All members who receive PMs that violate the guidelines above are encouraged to report the matter to a moderator or administrator.
Please make sure to forward the PM to the staff member when players do so as we cannot read players PMs otherwise.

(Failure to follow the rules can result in the banning of players account.)


In-Game Rules for Staff Members:

1. GMs caught helping players in any form (except technical support), will be removed from their duties and be permanently banned.
2. GMs caught favoring any players/factions during Events or any other type of situation, will be removed from their duties and be permanently banned.
3. GMs caught Muting and Banning for any other reason than the in-game rules' violation, will be removed from their duties and be permanently banned.
4. GMs are not allowed to marry normal players.



(The administration has the right to add or correct rules at any time without warning.)
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